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Ease of use suggestions
Adam Jonathan Burck
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Anybody, please let me know how to do these if any are already possible, otherwise, please add them ASAP

- Edit a person's info directly when viewing their profile or at least have an "edit" button

- From the photos section of a person, select  which photo will display in their family tree box just by selection a check box

- Send a message to a person from their profile using the stored email

- Lock a person's info except for the administrator or other named members

- BUG: The home page/updates news log shows someone has joined when really only their email address has been added

Adam Jonathan Burck
Winnetka, IL
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RE: Ease of use suggestions
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when going through the pictures, click on the little blue silhouette that shows up. that means that will be the profile pic.



adding a person as "joined" when they have only been invited, is a bug. ive reported it too. 



you can choose the "contact" person from their info. otherwise, the "TO" section in the mailbox autofills too.

hope this helps.



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