Dear Lyndall,

I hope this is the appropriate way to invite you. If it works, consider yourself a member of the Adams-Snyder website and the "Jphn Rbt to Vernon" website which relates my uncle Vern Adams to at least eight POTUSs. Some work just fine while others which DID work have been compromised when the critial person was deleted in trying to clean out the irrelevant persons.  I'll continue to restore the linages. 

Our family tree is posted online on this site! There are 21539 names in our family site.
The site was last updated in Apri 2016.  Let me know if responding to this message allows you access to either or both sites.  

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Aug 22, 2016
Neldon Adams published new versions of the vern backup test, Poggenburg-Street 3_23_2015 - 51025065 and ADAMS-SNYDER Sep 23 2015 family trees from the Family Tree Builder.
Neldon Adams added a photo of Sir Lucas (Sir) Dillon , Jacob Jacques , William Strother I and Mary \"Polly\" ALLEN (born Peairs) :
Neldon Adams updated the details of Sir Edward Hales, 3rd Baronet Halers of Hackington, titular Earl of Tenterden,MP for Caturbury , John Daniel , Eli Quaintance Davis and Teresa Dease (born Plunkett) in family tree Poggenburg-Street 3_23_2015 - 51025065
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