Loyalists of Massachusetts

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Loyalists of Massachusetts. James H. Stark. (1910) 2006. The author, sympathetic to the Loyalists, presents a history of the American Revolution in Massachusetts, from the perspective of the Loyalists.

To this he appends about a hundred biographical and genealogical sketches of Massachusetts Loyalists, tracing their lives into England and Nova Scotia.Stark was a strong Anglophile, and the historical section begins with the settlement of Massachusetts, presents much background to the Revolution, and then, after a lengthy section on the revolutionary period itself, goes on to apply his antirevolutionary themes to the War of 1812 and to the Civil War.Throughout both the historical section and the biographical and genealogical section, he employs a number of terms dismissive of those who opposed England, calling them "disunionists," and referring to the "Sons of Liberty" as the "Sons of Despotism." He delights in including in his sketches stories of the outrages said by him to have been committed by the latter.The biographical and genealogical sketches begin with the male-line ancestor of the subject of the sketch, and then trace the line to the Loyalist himself, with some biographical information along the way. The story of the life of the Loyalist is then presented, generally with an exposition of the actions which made him objectionable to the revolutionary side, and his fate after leaving Massachusetts.Some of the sketches are augmented by two additional features, the inclusion of transcripts of official or family letters from the revolutionary period, and a list of the estates confiscated from the Loyalists (with specific reference to the Suffolk County deeds).




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