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watson family from texas
Susan Marie Watson lee
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I am really trying to find out about my grandparents, and their parents etc. my father was russell gene watson born in amarillo sept 11, 1944, his parents were leta francis watson (keene) and thomas clifford watson whom have both passed away. i have an uncle johnny watson born june 3, 1940, and 2 aunts name marie mormino (watson) born july 12,1941 and diana fielder (watson) born feb 23, 1943. This along with what i was told as a child is all i know of my fathers family. i do know my grandmother leta died in iola, kansas on july 18, 1971, i was 1 year old. I was also told i am native american indian, but  i cant find out without knowing my heritage. if someone can help me find out more i would appreciate it greatly. thank you! my name is susan marie watson- lee.
Susan Marie Watson lee
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