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Davis in England & Quebec,Canada
Elizabeth Ann Cooper
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 My great great great grandfather named Thomas Davis (b.1821?) married to Mary Mexon from England.

My Great Great Grandfather was named Thomas Davis(b:1852 or 1854). I know he came from Southhampton, England at the age of 21 in 1873. Immagrated to Stanstead,Quebec,Canada.married in Derby ,Vermont. And Married Louisa Best( immagrated from England as well)there in 1875 then moved to Stanstead, Quebec,Canada.I don't know his middle name.

Their son's name William Alfred Davis-born April 12, 1876 in Potten , Quebec.Died-Julu 21, 1959
His wife's name-Harriet Julia Doyen-(born Aug 28,1876 in Fitch Bay, Quebec.: Died-Sept 1, 1933 in East Angus, Quebec).They were married Sept 18, 1895.
Their son-My grandfather-Norman Sinfield Davis born nov 18. 1919-Died July 19, 1995(in Quebec)
his wife -Yvette Laura Menard (10 children)
Their eldest son-My father- Robert William Davis born June 2, 1940. Married to Shirley Blanchette.
Me-Elizabeth Ann Davis(married name-Cooper)
Elizabeth Ann Cooper
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