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Jacob ARNEY mystery nearing 230 years old
Stan Arney
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Jacob Arney, left behind his Will, dated in 1782, and though it still exists to this day (held at the North Carolina State Archives, in Raleigh, North Carolina), it yields little information about him or his family.  You see, regarding his Will, the ink has faded over time, and only the lower 1/3-1/2, is still readable, and only the name of his wife (at the time), Elizabeth, can be read/seen.  Perhaps, the rest of his Will, may have provided more clues about his family, perhaps even naming some of them.

With Jacob Arney's death, so did the possible likelihood of finding out, who his siblings were and who his parents were.  Which in turn, may lead to where he was born, where his siblings were born, where his parents were born, etc.

Though we do have some leads, as to his family and children.

Wife #1 Anna Ursula Kron

Wife #2 Elizabeth (surname/maiden name, unconfirmed)

Children: (known)

 [Born in York(town), York County, Pennsylvania]

Christian "Christy" Arney, Sr. (1750-1834) - Died in Lincoln County, North Carolina

Adam "Lawrence" Arney (1751-1802) - Died in Burke County, North Carolina

Johann Heinrich "Henry" Arney, Sr. (1755-1830) - Died in Owen County, Indiana

Anna Elisabeth Arney-Setser/Setzer (1761-1849)

[Born in Tryon County, North Carolina] 

Peter Arney (1772-1845) - Died in Overton County, Tennessee

Catherine Arney-Edleman (1774-????) 


Jacob Arney, obviously, was in the area of York(town), York County, Pennsylvania, at least as early as 1750.

York County, Pennsylvania was originally Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, from 1729-1749.


Therefore the search for clues, on Jacob Arney (and his family), reside in Pennsylvania, more precisely, in Lancaster and York Counties.


If this mystery is ever to be solved, it's going to take the coordinated efforts of many individuals, not just me.


Thank you, for your time, consideration, and cooperation, I truly appreciate it. 

Stan Arney
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