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Carrell\'s in North Carolina / Tn
jessica keeble
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Does anyone know about JOhn Carrell abt 1740 he had 3 or 4 sons William ,John jr, Drewry < and maybe James ..Drewry is our direct line from John but I've run into a brick wall - where did he come fromI? Who was his wife / Drewry married Nancy (cherokee ?) in Ashe NC in 1795 and named her daughter Sarah Nancy / Sarah Nancy married Phillip Low . Drewry and Nancy had other children Drewry jr abt 1800m Morton abt 1802, Sarah 1808, Alexander D abt 1814, and William abt 1817

Drewry jr abt 1800 married Celia Ward abt 1804 in 1828 they had Emily? , Calvin abt 1830marriedSarah Susan Phillips ,Drury King abt 1841married Sarah Daughtery , sampson abt 1845 married Elizabeth , Byrd abt 1835married Elizabeth Phillips, and daughter Celia ? We have heard that theirr were 4 brothes that came into South Carolina one stayed and the other three went west . John was in NC in 1776 (Drewry was born ) AND IN ASHE CO NC john had land grants in 1799 and Drewy land grants in 1801 I don't know if the tale is true I'm beginning to think they are from VA but can not make the connection. Any help appreciated jess  

jessica keeble
Maryville, TN
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