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Taylor & Florence Hawkins or Benjamin & Rose Moore
chris fritz
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  I'm looking for children of Taylor & Florence Hawkins that had 7 children including a Chester(born1913, lived in Rockport in 1942), Margarett( 1920-1942, married Norman Moore, died in house fire with husband & son.Only serviver was 1mo old daughter Florence), and Mrs Joe Smith( Born 1903?, had a son Joe smith jr, also had twins in 1940 and I think she had 9 kids altogether).

 Benjamin & Rose(Rosa?) Moore Had only 1 child that I know of, Norman Williams Moore( 1918-1942) died in house fire with wife and son.

 I am looking for any info about these people and would realy like to find any living relative of Florence Moore.


                   Thank you for looking, Christina Fritz

chris fritz
Chesapeake, VA
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