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see my initial posting for information, found that these names could possibly be variations of Pahides as P in greek is R in english.

Rula or Roula 

Socreates would be her fathers name, do not really know that Julie is Rula or Roula in greek.  



Looking for the PAHIDES family:


Looking for the Pahides family..my Aunt Jacqueline is looking for her family that she has never met. She is not out to gain anything just the connection. Just to meet her family. Her half sisters name is Rula (julie??) Pahides, she believes her Fathers name was Socreates Pahides. My Aunts mothers name was Mary Minerva Bowers. She knows they resided in the Pennsylvania. Philadelphia area, United States. She was approached many years ago by an unknown woman who asked her for her name, the woman had a young girl with her who looked exactly like my Aunt. When my Aunt told the unknown woman her name the woman left and my Aunt never heard from nor saw this person ever again.Even if there were a promised marriage between my Aunts Father and someone else this should not have been a reason to never allow my Aunt access to her family. We all need to know where we come from and our familys history and maybe any genetic health issues. Rula (Julie in greek??) would be about 55 today. Please if anyone knows of this family contact me as soon as possible Thank You for your time and patience Sincerely Lisa A Cincotti

Lisa Cincotti
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