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Gordon Merle Heater - info?
Robin H
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I am researching a relative of mine on my dad's side, Gordon Merle Heater, and have hit a brick wall because we don't know too much about him (he separated from his wife and my now-deceased grandmother, Margaret Aileen Waddelow, when my dad was quite young. Here's what I do know about him:

- He died somewhere in Florida.

- We got the death notice sometime around 1970.

- He separated sometime around 1953.

- He was in the Air Force.

- He once lived in Merced, CA where he had my uncle, Charles William Heater.

- He fathered my dad, Gordon Robert Heater, at Camp Pendleton (near Carlsbad, CA).


This is what I would like to know:

- His birth date/month/year

- What city and state he was born in

- His death date/month, and a clarification of the year

- What city he died in

- What date/month/year he got married to Margaret Aileen Waddelow, and the city and state of the wedding

- What he did in the Air Force

- Any other interesting information.


If you know anything that I don't know about him, please tell me; I would really appreciate it. Thanks!

Robin H
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