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Duke family history
Nancy Wilson
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My name is Nancy Wilson and I am searching for my great grandparents with the last name of DUKE, I know that they were once of Arkansas, one uncle is Lawrence Duke of Bald Knob Arkansas, my fathers name is Jack Wilson and he was adopted when he was a baby, his real name is Franklin Eugene Duke, I know that his mother was full blooded Indian, I am not sure which tribe, my father had a twin sister named Francie Coreen Duke (Jacquelin Wilson), who lived in Little Rock, Arkansas but has now passed away. My father has also passed but lived in Wichita, Kansas. There was also a sister, Nadie Juanita Duke, I am not sure where she lives now. If anyone can help it would be much appreciated. Thanks in Advance for any help. Please e-mail me at njw7252@yahoo.com
Nancy Wilson
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