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SALTER Bromley-by-Bow East london in the early 1920's.
Jim Sheppard
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Looking for SALTER living in or around Devas Street, Bromley-by-Bow in the early 1920's. This family may be related to the FARMER family living at 70 Devas Street in 1922. Possible names Edith and daughter Diane.


About 1920 my grandmother Florence Phoebe Sheppard (nee FARMER) with her son (my father), and two daughters returned to England. During the visit they resided at 70 Devas Street, Bromley-by-Bow. They returned to Canada in November of 1922. A cousin remembers receiving correspondence and books from Diane SALTER whose mother was named Edith. We believe that the SALTER family may have been related in some manner to the FARMERs. I'm hoping to make contact with some of the existing FARMER or extended family.


Jim Sheppard
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