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Phoebe Webb
Donna Borden
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I am looking for anyone who might have more information on Phoebe Webb who married Joseph Borden. We can’t seem to confirm where either Phoebe or Joseph are buried.  Phoebe's parents were Isaac Webb and Ann Clayton.  Joseph parents were John Borden and Content Clayton, Content and Ann Clayton were sisters so Joseph and Phoebe were first cousins.  Phoebe was married prior to marrying Joseph to a man named Peter Wisner when he died she married Joseph Borden.  Phoebe had 5 children, two from her first marriage to Peter their names were Zaphaniah and Lavina Wisner and than 3 children from Joseph they names were Charles, Thomas Melville and Mary Borden. If anyone has any information I would appreciate hearing from you.  Thanks Donna
Donna Borden
Toronto, Canada
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