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Books on the Avery Family
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Hi Guys,


      I was looking for books on my Family name and I came upon http://www.ancestralbooks.com/catalog/index.php that has some very interesting books. I was able to find some books on my family name that I thought I should share with you.

A Biographical Sketch of Elroy M Avery. Reprinted from the History of Cleveland, with Genealogical Outline - by Robinson, W. Scott Cleveland, OH , 1888 A Fragmentary Genealogical Record of the Descendants of Myer Avery and his Son Peter Avery - by Avery, John n/a , 1914 Captain John Avery: President Judge at the Whorekill in Delaware Bay and His Descendants - by Sellers, Edwin J n/a , 1898 Some Colonial Families: Avery, Brewster, Mills, Morgan, Smith, Start, Stewart, Tracy - by Roberts, Eloise M Avard, OK , 1926 The Avery, Fairchild & Park Families of Massachusetts, Connecticut, & Rhode Island with a Short Narration of Facts Concerning Mr. Richard Warren…. - by Avery, Samuel P. Hartford, CT , 1919 The Groton Avery Clan, 2 volumes - by Avery, Elroy McKendree & Catharine Hitchcock Ave Cleveland, OH , 1912 Avery Notes and Queries. A Quarterly Magazine Devoted to the History of the Groton Averys. Nos. 1-l8., (February 1898 to May 1902) - by n/a Cleveland, OH , 1898 The Averys of Groton: Genealogical and Biographical - by Sweet, Homer D. Syracuse, NY , 1894
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