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James Carr, ca. 1815-1878, Md. & W. Va.
David Dixon
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I am looking to exchange information concerning this family line:

 James was born in Md. and lived in Maryland & Preston Co., W. Va.

 He married: 1) unknown.

Their children: William H. Carr & Susan Elizabeth Robertson.

James married 2) Ruth Harvey, (b. ca. 1828-d. ca. 1877).

Their children: John R., George, Marion C. Smith, Edward, Franklin, Claude, Della Ruff & Alice R. McFadden.

David Dixon
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RE: James Carr, ca. 1815-1878, Md. & W. Va.
Edward Ruff
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James Roland Carr was my maternal great-grandfather, his son Edward Carr was my maternal grandfather, resulting in my being named Edward Carr Ruff.  For further information contact me at rufflake@bellsouth.net

Ed Ruff

Edward Ruff
Charlotte, NC
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