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<Private> (adopted by stepfather)
Parents: Randall Corey "Randy" "RD" and <Private>
Anna Hatfield (born (Hentem) Cox)
Husband: Thomas
Sons: William, Joseph, Thomas, Mathias M and John
Mar 14 1612
 Englefield, West Berkshire Unitary Authority, Berkshire, England
Hans (Olsen) Jensen AF Røavatnet Fagerli
Wife: Elisabet
Children: Jens and Beret
Circa 1650
 Rana, Nordland, Gullfjell ?, Norge
 Steinbekkhaugen, Ranen, Alstahaug, Nordland, Norway
Elizabeth Hatfield (born (Vance) Deliz)
Parents: Unknown and Unknown
Siblings: Thomas, William, Jemima, Levisa and Susan
Husband: Joseph
Sons: Ephraim "Eaf of All", Valentine, George, Andrew Warren, Joseph and Alexander (Ale or Abe)
 Isle of Wight Co, VA
Nov 1778
 Washington County, Virginia, USA
Unknown (Vance) Deliz
Wife: Unknown
Children: Thomas, William, Jemima, Elizabeth, Levisa and Susan
Martha A
Parents: Wiley and Mary Polly
Siblings: Wiley George, Cathrine, Nancy Sis, Emanuel York, Elizabeth Ann, George Baylis, Charles B, John Thomas, Berkley Garrison, Bob, George Lafayette, Mary, Martha A or E, Susan, Florence A, Winnie Catherine, Wiley Dyer, Andrew Jackson "John", Caroline J and Phillista
 Jefferson, Alabama, USA
Elizabeth Ann (Betsy) Abernathy
Husband: Franklin
Daughter: Pernecy (Neecey) (Perneece) C.
 Perry Co, Mo
Between 1850 and 1860
Franklin Abernathy
Wife: Elizabeth Ann (Betsy)
Daughter: Pernecy (Neecey) (Perneece) C.
Apr 13 1817
 Lincoln, NC
Circa Oct 22 1847
Pernecy (Neecey) (Perneece) C. Dunn (born Abernathy)
Parents: Franklin and Elizabeth Ann (Betsy)
Husband: Robert Franklin (Frank)
Children: John Franklin, Joseph E, Sarah P, George, Lula Pearl], <Private> and <Private>
Dec 20 1850
 Beaver Dam, Mo
Aug 10 1920
 Tuckerman, AR
<Private> Acklin
Parents: Dean and <Private>
Siblings: <Private> and <Private>
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