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Poney Smallwood (Virgil's Father) or William Everett (Flora's Father)
Sherry Mahler
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Does anyone out there have any info for Poney Smallwood (DOB 1852) Indiana, he is Virgil Conner Smallwood's Father.  He married Pearl A Bryant.  Any stories may have been told through the years?   I heard he was a Cherokee full blooded.  Virgils birth certificate says Poney was white (those days they did not admit to being indian).   

Or info on Roxie Anna Black (born in Alabama) or William Everett (they were Flora's parents), supposedly Flora was born in Mississippi in 1910, again any ruomrs or stories would be great.

All I have are bits and pieces that my mom told me (and she has been known to lie).

Any info would be awesome.  Thanks much. 


Sherry Mahler
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