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Hitting a brick wall,and would like to know if Anyone can help. The following is what I have. My Grndfather is Charles Thomas Nowland-B Aug 28,1897 D-July 23,1984 he was born in Marquette Co.Wisc. He was the son of Michael(F)Nowland B-1866/D-1906 & Augusta Maria Magdalena Steinhaus.He had an older brother Francis & sister Sarahann. Augusta died Nov,1897.Michael later remarried Ella Moffet Dibble & had two more children before his death. THIS IS WHERE IT GETS CONFUSING. The above were all born,resided,& died in Wisc. IT IS GOING BACK FROM HERE THAT I GET LOST. Michaels father was Russel Thomas(F/C)Nowland B-Sept.1839 in Mich.D-July 22,1905 in Wisc. He was married to Mary Josaphine(Josephine)Smith B-Jan,1843 in Mich. D-unknown when & where. Rumor is that after Russels death Mary went back to Mich.,I have no info on her at all...They were married in 1865(Sept?)not sure where. I believe Michael was the only child.I am trying to go back from here.On Michaels Birth Cert.it lists Russels Parents as Micheal & Sarah Ann.Both born in Mich.On The Cenus Lists(1900&1905)his parents were shown born in New York. Mary's Parents are listed being from Vermont & New York.Ihave no further info,yet I know for sure it is not the Downs tree. We have checked that one fully. If ANYONE can help I would be GREATFUL!!! my direct email is: weasleone2002@yahoo.com Tammy Nowland Naus
Tammy Nowland
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