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RSA: Information wanted on the ancestry of Engela (Engeltjie) Laubscher born Quint.
Nadja Späth
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This topic is about Engeltjie Quint and her direct ancestry all the way upto the supposed roaylty. I am looking for evidence and further information on the ancestry of Engela (Engeltjie) Laubscher born Quint. I am particularly looking along the following line (hence I have left out some family members). Thus far I have the following information but nothing to support it. Any information you can add to this would be greatly appreciated. 1. Engela (Engeltjie) Laubser [Quint] was born in 1662 in Leersum, Utrecht, Netherlands and died in 1726 in Nooitgedacht, South Africa. Father was Edouart Quint was born in 1620 and died in 1685. He married Wilhemiena Quint [Verwey]. 2. Mother, Wilhemiena Quint [Verwey] was born in 1620 and died on an unknown date. Father Johan Hugosz Verwey who married Aletta Verwey [van Zijl] died in 1655 in Amerongen, Netherlands. 3. Father, Johan Hugosz Verwey was born About 1602 in Amerongen, Netherlands and died on Oct. 25, 1661 in Amerongen, Netherlands. His father, Hugo Aelberts Verwey. Mother Mechteld Fransdr Verwey [van Amerongen]. 4. Hugo Aelberts Verwey was born in 1571 in Rhenen, Netherlands and died on Mar. 1, 1642 in Amerongen, Netherlands. He married Mechteld Fransdr Verwey [van Amerongen] About 1595. Father, Aelbert Huijgens Verweij and mother Cornelia Roloffsen Verwey [van Hattem]. 5. Cornelia Roloffsen Verwey [van Hattem] died on Dec. 31, 1606 in Rhenen, Netherlands. Father, Dirksz Roelof (Vreme) van Hattem. Mother, Maria van Hattem [Hol]. 6. Dirksz Roelof (Vreme) van Hattem was born About 1520 and died About 1578. He married Maria van Hattem [Hol]. Father, Dirk van Hattem and mother Dirckje Jan van Hatten [Arntzdochter]. 7. Dirk van Hattem was born About 1475 and died About 1526. He married Dirckje Jan van Hatten [Arntzdochter]. Father, Roelof van Hattem. Mother, unknown van Hatten [van der Mehr]. 8. Roelof van Hattem was born After 1391 and died Before 1491. He married and unknown woman [van der Mehr]. Father,Jan van Hattem and mother, unknown, was born about. 9. Jan van Hattem was born in 1356 in Hattem, Netherlands and died After 1422. He married and unknown woman. It is said that he was the illegitimate sonA. of , Reinoud III van Gelre, Count of Gueldress. Mother unknown. 10. Reinoud III van Gelre, Count of Gueldress was born on May 13, 1333 and died on Dec. 4, 1371. He met 2nd Unknown. His father was Reinoud II (The Black) van Gelre, Duke of Guelderland was born in 1295 in Arnhem, Netherlands and died on Oct. 12, 1343. Mother, Eleanor van Gelre, PlantagenetB. was born on Jun. 18, 1318 in Woodstock Palace, Oxfordshire, UK and died on Apr. 22, 1355 in Deventer. A. The story of Jan van Hattem goes something like this...he was the illegitimate son of a Count. The Count, during his brief reign, granted him land or a town named Hattem. We might presume Jan took the surname of the land and the land might have been named after the unknown mother - all presumption of course. B. Eleanor, named after her grandmother, was a Plantagenet by blood (part of the King Edward House). Her brother was King Edward the 3rd. Her parents were Edward II and Isabella of France.
Nadja Späth
South Africa
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