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Duvos-Todd Lineage
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Hello, I am, like many of you on here, researching my family history. I have come to a dead end though. I have a 2 big problems.

problem 1 TODD are everywhere and I don't have a whole lot of info to work with. just a handful of names and dates that have led me to my great grandfather and great grandmother and then to an abrupt stop. (William Eugene Todd & Bernice IsabellEdgerly).


probelm 2 DUVOS... they are no where. seriously I can't find any of my Duvos relatives after weeks of searching. I can get to my Grandmother and Grandfather (Peter (possible peterson) Duvos & Ragna M. Ness) 

 If anyone has ANY information on these two lines I would be very greatful! 


a few interesting things I did find out 

Bernice was institutionalized leaving her youngest daughter to be taken by an orphanage. ( her name was beverly and I think she died only 8 years old but I'm not sure)

william and bernice had a two sons earnest and delbert that both died as infants. (delbert lived for around 4 days and earnest lived for a approx 5 months)

they had two other sons harlan and harvey. I know for sure one of them is passed on (hes my grandfather Harlan) I think Harvey has passed on as well. Harlan was married to Arlene and they had three sons and one daughter. 

amber domenico
Springfield, OR
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