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William and Ellen Higgins
Clare Higgins
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Hi. I'm looking for relatives of William and Ellen Higgins, who lived in Hudson, NY. Their names are on the 1870 census. William was a police officer and it's hard to read his age on the census - looks like 33. Anyway, his wife's name was Ellen (38 years old in 1870), and they had three children: William, age 13, Mary Ann, age 11, and George, age 9. All the kids were born in New York.

The reason I'm interested in this family is I think William may have been a son of my great-great-grandfather, Morris Higgins. Morris (c.1820-1879) came to the U.S. with his wife Kathryn in 1850 and lived first in Moira, Franklin County, NY and then moved to Hudson in 1853. They had a total of 17 children, 3 of whom died in infancy, and one of them was named William.

Please email me if you're a descendant of William and Ellen. I would like to discuss swapping copies of family memorabilia. I have a lot of great stuff. Thanks. -- Clare Higgins

Clare Higgins
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