1930 Denmark Census

3,641,418 records
The 1930 census is the most recent census available for the country of Denmark. Every individual within the household at the time of the census, whether family, visitor or employee was enumerated.

The majority of the census is organized by municipality (kommune) and then by parish in the rural areas or by street in the larger metropolitan areas of the country, and then by household. Each record may contain information about the given and family names, residence, gender, birth date, place of birth, citizenship, marital status, position in the family, profession, marriage year, and additional information about numbers of living and deceased children.

The majority of the census enumeration was recorded by individual householders, leading to some variance in how information was recorded from form to form, especially in the residence field. However, the fact that individual householders recorded the information also lends credibility to the correctness of information gathered regarding each recorded individual.

The user should also note that the geopolitical boundaries within Denmark have significantly changed since the 1930 census was taken. Between 1970 and 1974 the number of municipal governing regions (kommune) dropped from 1,098 to 275, and then down to 98 in 2007. When possible, the 1930 municipality has been linked to the present-day county in order to aid in searching for your individual.


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