Everton Pedigree and Family Group Sheets

1,828,458 records
This collection contains more than 3.5 million names in more than 150,000 pedigree charts and family group sheets. It includes names, dates and places of births, marriages and deaths and family relationships.

Started during the Mar-Apr 1979 issue of Everton's Genealogical Helper, the information was originally gathered through user-generated submission via advertisement in Everton's Genealogical Helper, this collection displays the archival efforts of thousands of genealogical enthusiasts, all who are trying to connect with their relatives across time and space. The records within this collection may not be up-to-date to present day research, but they are believed to be up-to-date as of the date of reception of the individual record. All records have this date stamped on them. Many of the pedigree charts and family group sheets contain documentations and sources, although others simply cite the information collector, or the person who is sending in the material. Pedigree charts and family group sheets within this collection range in date from fourteen and fifteenth centuries (information on the charts, not the charts themselves) to the present.



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