Queensland Railway Employees, 1889 - 1940

367,651 records
This collection is an index of the employees of the Queensland Railways between 1889 and 1940. It includes the name, age (in 1899), position, branch/office, and railway/division for each person employed in the railway service in Queensland on the 30th day of June for the year indicated. The rate of pay and qualifications (where applicable) are also available.

The Railway Act of 1888 (Supplement to the Queensland Government Gazette, Wednesday 7th November 1888) required that The Commissioners shall - (1) Keep a record of all persons in the railway service, and shall keep record therein the rank, position, or grade, the length of service, salaries, and such other particulars with regard to such persons as they think fit (2) Cause entries to be made in such record, of deaths, dismissals, resignations, promotions, and reductions (3) In the month of July, in the year 1889, and in the same month in each and every third year thereafter, publish in the Gazette a list of persons employed in the railway service up to the thirtieth day of June preceding. Initially the lists were published each third year though later they became annual lists (from 1897 until 1922) and then every second year (until 1940). The database includes approximately 370,000 names and covers the entire career of many railway employees.


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