Texas Marriages and Divorces

22,743,905 records
Texas marriage license records from 1966 to 2007, and divorce records from 1968 to 2008.

Records include husband's name and age, wife's name and age and file number.
Marriage records include date and county of marriage.
Divorce records include date of marriage, date of divorce, county of divorce and number of children at divorce.

This Divorce Index is a compilation of the Reports of Divorce Decrees or Annulment to Marriage by the district clerk's office in the county where the court decree was filed. Index information includes husband and wife names, ages, number of children, date of marriage, date of divorce, and the county where the divorce occurred.

Reports of divorces and annulments only were reported to the Bureau of Vital Statistics starting in 1968. Before that time, check the county clerk for earlier records. Ongoing corrections are made to the original records; therefore these indexes may not reflect the most recent information. To receive information on divorces prior to 1971, or if you cannot locate a divorce in this index, you must contact the District Clerks' office in which the divorce occurred.

Next steps: The next steps for this database depend upon the motives behind looking at it to begin. A divorce proves that a marriage took place, and may be able to help establish possible parentage, although without DNA testing or a written statement, it cannot establish it alone. Divorces also help lead to other people who may know something about relatives that otherwise may go undiscovered or be completely forgotten.

Source: Texas, Department of State Health Records.


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