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Ирина Мучичка
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I would like to find my relatives, if here there are. My name is Irina Muchichka. I live in Moscow, Russia.

My parents came from Subcarpatie. 

 I know that one of my mom's ants went to America in the beginning of 20-th century. Her surname was Krishfalusy (I am not sure spelling is right). In Russian it is Кричфалуши. My mom don't remember her name. She was a sister of my mom's mother (my garndmother). My grandmother's name was Theresa Krishfalusy

There is Theresa Krishfalusy's photo in attachment.

I will be glad to know any information about her.

Sincerely yours, Irine.

Ирина Мучичка
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Кричфалуши Тере...