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Add an option to set female form of the name
Ondřej Surý
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there is a slight problem with Surnames in Slavic languages (Czech f.e.). Our family names have different form for different genders. Ie.:

Generally suffix -ová is added at the end of the name:

Novák / Nováková

Klaus / Klausová

But there are exception such as:

Only last letter changes:

Surý / Surá

or no change at all:

Krejčí / Krejčí

Ovčaří / Ovčaří


So it would be great if one can set female form of the surname in the family settings. This is important for presentation and for genealogic research as well.

Thank you very much,

Ondřej Surý

Ondřej Surý
Česká republika
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RE: Add an option to set female form of the name
Patrick Skurczynski
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Hi heritage team, 

is this already possible?

I have the same problem with polish surnames.

male ending: ***ski

female ending: ***ska



Patrick Skurczynski
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