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No more EMAIL notifications???
Becky Tellalian
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Just wanted to know if there is a glitch in the email notification system.  I belong to two Family Trees, one I have been a member of for approx a year, and one I just recently started.  I am set to receive emails and the email address is correct, so wanted to clear that up right away!  Also, I check my spam folder daily... nothing in there, either. :)

I used to receive notifcations frequently to let me know about birthdays, anniversaries, etc on the older site (1st Family Tree), but I haven't received anything for quite a while.  I just visited the site and there are all kinds of new birthdays and such,,, just no longer receiving emails (neither is my sister, so it's not just me).

On the new site I created, I do not receive email notifications from there, either.  I tried to print a family tree.... I was prompted that I would be emailed when it was ready.... guess what???  No emails!  I just kept going back to the site so I could print when it was ready.


When I started this new tree, I informed Family Members that not only would we build our Family Tree, but we would all be notified of family events set as announcements, birthdays, anniversaries etc.  It appeals to them because we are spread accross several states and don't stay in touch as often as we would like.  I hope they don't see me as a liar, LOL!! 

Please Help!!

Thanks!! :)


Becky Tellalian
Louisville, OH
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RE: No more EMAIL notifications???
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I have just the opposite problem! I feel the emails come too often and every time I publish a new site, that one also sends birthday reminders so we could get 3 in a day! How do I control this?



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RE: No more EMAIL notifications??? [2]
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Hi Dawn,


In the Settings > My Preferences page, you can choose whether to receiver event reminders for all your family, only close family, or no-one at all. 


If you don't want to put events from a certain tree in your calendar, you can either delete the tree in the Family Tree > Manage trees page, or publish it to a different Family Site.



Noam \ MyHeritage

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