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finding grandfather's identity
lauren kennedy
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I am trying to find out who my grandfather was. My great aunt and great uncle raised my father. His mother was my great aunts sister. I know my grandmother's name. Is there any way to find out who my grandfather was?


Lauren Kennedy

lauren kennedy
Hamilton, OH
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RE: finding grandfather's identity
Lora KoenHemsi
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Please visit the Research FAQ to find answers to your questions about researching names at MyHeritage.com

If you are looking for information about specific family names, I recommend using the Research feature at MyHeritage.com.

It lets you search thousands of genealogy-related websites and databases in one simple search. Think about all the work involved in going to each site individually and searching each of your family names. It would take days, if not months!

With the Research tool you can search spelling variations as well as multiple genealogy websites all at once.

Here is the link to try research at MyHeritage: http://www.myheritage.com/research

Another great resource for your researches is the exploding genealogy community at MyHeritage.com. Search for your family name among the millions of names in family trees at MyHeritage.com. http://www.myheritage.com/genealogy

The great thing about searching the genealogy community is that you can contact the person who submitted information which is relevant to your search. It’s really great to be able to talk with a real person who may be researching the same family names as you are. Many people have made contact with long lost family members or made new relationships because they had relatives in common!

Another great feature which helps you find people in your family tree is the SmartMatching feature. SmartMatching is available for members who create family sites and family trees at MyHeritage. SmartMatching automatically searches all the people in your family tree and compares them to the hundreds of thousands of family trees hosted at MyHeritage.com and then tells you if you had matches. 

hope this helps you find your grandfather!

good luck:)

Lora-MyHeritage team 

Lora KoenHemsi
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