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FTB 7 Versions and Bug fixes - 7129
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Daniel D.
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General Changelog for the different bug versions and fixes, as requested by a lot of our members. It's purpose is to let you know what important bug fixes are available and to let you know what exactly is the latest version.

7129 - current version (download from here, alternative link here):


  • Minor bug fixes.




  • Fixed issues with notes section (tinyMCE) which occur when IE11 is installed.
  • Fixed issues with maps which occur when IE11 is installed.




  • Fixed various major issues with personal photos due to syncing.
  • Fixed Maps issue (not loading).
  • Changed revision mismatch menu to be clearer.




  • Fixed various issues with the Smart Matches Merge function.
  • Added several internal fixes.




  • Fixed various issues with charts
  • Fixed issues with reports not showing unicode characters for sources and notes
  • Fixed various other internal issues



  • Fixed issue where people couldn't save projects
  • Fixed issue with a warning of duplicates having a checkbox on by default - resulting in not showing the message again in the future ***investigating with "Jack" whether or not it works.
  • Reports are now compatible with the ID numbers settings (Consecutive IDs, [Old FTB v6] Permanent IDs)
  • Various internal fixes for Reports and Charts.




  • Unknown issue is fixed (not related to bi-lingual trees)
  • Fixed issue where sync stopped at 96% for everyone
  • Installation stuck on Viewer.exe was fixed
  • Various internal fixes for reports, restore function and rename project.




  • Fixed an issue where the fonts didn't adjust according to DPI settings
  • Fixed an issue where there was a false warning: Version on family site is more recent than the one you are trying to publish (Due to timezones)
  • Fixed some issues with HTML tags in reports
  • Added more details to the sync logs if you have corrupted photos (such as which photos exactly does the family tree builder have problems with)
  • Added an option to add the FTB 6.0 ID numbers again.
  • Fixed other minor graphic glitches, crashes, and loss of information




  • Fixed many various crashes
  • Fixed issue to roll back from Unknown issue (Works for users who have the "Unknown" individuals for their trees)
  • Fixed issue where your photos got mixed up on the family site
  • General internal fixes




  • Fixed issue where sync stopped at 96% for various people
  • Fixed issue where several notes dissappeared (now showing as Descriptions of facts)
  • Fixed various notes issues (Ctrl C, Ctrl X, Ctrl V functionality)
  • Fixed "Site doesn't exist" sync issue
  • General internal fixes




  • General internal fixes 

I will update this post every new release that will be available to the public - the first one appearing in the list will be the one whose most up-to-date.

Be sure to take a look at it from time to time!

**A link was added to the blog post as Tom Gray requested (thanks Tom!).  

Daniel D.
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RE: FTB 7 Versions and Bug fixes - 7129
Joao Pereira
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Good night. 

After I installed the latest version, I detected an error in the book report. Why when I want to take a report (book report) of a particular person, the name of the pdf file is this person I drew, but in reality the report that came out was on behalf of someone else? What's going on? What is the error? How do you solve?



Best regards 

João Pereira 

Joao Pereira
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