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Photo questions...size limit? Uploading options? Tagging? Comments?
William Salopek
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Hi folks,

New user.

Basically I was looking for a good online familiy photo sharing site where guests could "tag" faces and leave comments about pictures.  I came across MyHeritage.com, saw that it could do that (right?), and so much more (Geneolgy, etc).

OK...but the photo uploading has me confused.

1)  If I use the Java uploader, I get an error message that some of my photos are too large...the error message says "5000x5000" is the limit (my scanned photos are just slightly larger than that...and no, I don't wanna go thru all my photos and manually reduce their size).

2)  If I use the option to upload photos individually, I do NOT get that same error message.  So is there a size limit or not? 

3)  If I use the uploader that links to other photo services, like in my case, Picassa Web Albums, only very small, LOW resolution version of my photos are imported...the pictures look very pixelated and blocky.


Is there a way to get around the 5000x5000 size limit using the Java uploader or the import-from-another-online-service uploader?  

The only info in the help section about this talks of a 50 mb limit on VIDEOS...no mention is made of picture size limitations.  The only way I know of it is the error message I get with the Java uploader. 

Sure seems like the $10/month "unlimited" storage ought to be easier to use. 



William Salopek
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