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Ability to Reject Matches Without WVR Subscription
Tom Gray
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Record Matching brings me so many totally irrelevant matches that it's ridiculous. 

A good example is a man born and died in Canada who never left the country yet is matched to numerous US newspapers, to US college yearbooks from after his date of death, to American Civil War records from before he was born, to census records from England and Wales.

I don't need to view the matches to know that these aren't valid (and why does the software even bring them up?). 

It would be great to be able to have checkboxes so that I could select them then reject the whole works en masse. Can do?

It would then be great to never have to see them again. That means having some way to fix the filters so that only relevant records appear (in other words, I want to have some control over what I consider relevant).

It would also be wonderful to be able to reject them without paying for a WVR subscription.   Can do?

I think WVR in its present form is next to useless because of all the irrelevant "matches" it produces.

Thanks for listening.  


Tom Gray
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