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Please suggest best process to update online tree
Alan B
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 I have a tree line with several hundred individuals, and a collection of photographs and other documents associated with those individuals.  I started the site by uploading a GEDCOM file given to me by one of my relatives who had started the project on another website.  We have been collaborating on the myheritage online tree to add information to this tree, and new family photographs over time.

I have recently found another family member (distant) that has a substantial tree also in the form of a GEDCOM file for a branch of the family I don't have yet in my tree.  I would like to add their data to my online tree, but I can't find a way to do this that will 1) combine the trees into one site, 2) preserve all of the photographic associations within my tree - all of the faces in the group photos, and the associations to individuals in my tree, and 3) retain the ability to coninue editing and building the tree online collaborating with my other family members.

I have tried:

Method 1:  export/reimport GEDCOM file

Export the full tree as a GEDCOM file and read the file into a program on my computer (I use 'branches', from branchesgenealogy.com).  I can then combine the trees as appropriate, re-export the combined GEDCOM and then upload it to myheratige.com.   This gives me a new tree, with everyone in it, as desired, but none of the multimedia associations have been preserved, so I have to go back through all my pictures and documents and re-associate them.

Method 2: import new branch of tree using GEDCOM file

Importing the new individuals as another GEDCOM file doesn't break anything in my current online tree, but I can't find a way to hook the two together into one tree.  It stays as two unassociated trees, even though i made it so that the new tree had a a simple connection point that I could say 'make this person in the new tree the parent of this other person in the other tree'.

I've also played with various options using the FTB software on my PC but still haven't figured out a way to do anything that will still preserve the ability to edit the tree online.

If anyone else has had any success with this please let me know.  It seems like this is a fundamental capability that is necessary to efficiently work with others.



Alan B
Ashburn, VA
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RE: Please suggest best process to update online tree
Arnold W. Rossander
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From what I have read, this feature is not avaiable in FTB.  the only way is by having two MyHeritage sites and using SMARTH MATCH on each member in the tree.  This will transfer all data and pictures.  of course you might have to build a shell of some common persons on the tree you are trying to seed.



Arnold W. Rossander
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