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E-mail notifications
William Strucke
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I understand why you changed the way e-mail notifications were sent last year.  You want to be like all of the other companies and drive traffic to your site, get us to share on facebook, twitter, whatever.

Well as a customer I don't care about that crap.  I normally delete or unsubscribe from e-mail lists companies sign me up for -- I *hate* facebook update e-mails, notifications from my credit card company about their latest "deals", etc... but your e-mails were awesome -- short, to the point, with some pictures and reminders about upcoming family events.  Very cool.

Now all I get is "hey -- someone is having an event, but I'm not going to tell you what it is or what else is going on, you have to go log in to our website to find out!".  Give me a break, this is terrible and I have now unsubscribed.

It's quite a shame, because it's one of the things I loved about this site and service.  You may not have seen the direct hits all the time, but you could be damned sure with the old way "MyHeritage" at least stayed relevent to me and made me want to come update the site -- now I will no longer receive any messages and more than likely I won't be back.

Terrible decision with the new e-mail format.

William Strucke
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RE: E-mail notifications
Lior Shaked
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Hi William,

Thank you very much for the impotant feedback.

I can tell that you are a good user and that the issue matters to you- and we really do care for your opinion.

I made sure to forward your input to the site developers that initiated this change to take into future consideration.

I hope that you do try to ive the site another chance because it would be a shame to lose a good user like you.

Kind Regards,


MyHeritage team 

Lior Shaked
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