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Forum updating.
Eric Dalton
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It would be nice if threads which are updated be moved to the front of the forum. All other forums that I know of do this. Sometimes I am interested in a thread and the answer will be given to another post in the thread and I will never see it. I just saw one where the original post was 90 days ago and the next reply was 60 days ago. That was finally responded to a few days ago, and then I responded to it just now. But it is still stuck several pages back. If I hadn't been browsing through, I would have never seen it. Another option would be that when you post to a thread you are automatically "subscribed" to it. Facebook does this, so that even if someone responds to a different posting than yours, you are still notified. This might even keep the large number of forum posts down. Many reported problems and suggestions have been posted repeatedly over the last 5-6 years. If people didn't have to browse through 150 pages of posts to see one which was appropriate to their situation, they might not have to make another post about it. This wouldn't get rid of that issue entirely, but it could only help.
Eric Dalton
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