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Where to submit bugs? Here is one!
Fred Dworacek
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I think My Heritage is the best online solution for tracking and sharing your family three but there are a few things I dont like.

Some of the things I dont like is worrying me enough to not wanting to buy a license.

1. When I tried to pay for a licensed version I get a phone call just seconds after entering it to the form. I don't like this and did not go through with the purchase.

2. Sometimes when I start my Computer I get I reminder telling me to buy the premium version. This would be ok if I could close the reminder. This is not possible. Even with windows task manager I am not able to close the window. The only whay to get rid of it is by restarting my computer. This worries me and makes me think that this is software designed to take controll over my computer. (Se attachment for screen dump of window)


My computer is a Windows 7 Premium 64bit with 8GB RAM 2GHz Quad core CPU and plenty free HD space. 



Fred Dworacek 

Fred Dworacek
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