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Export Gedcom and more are not working
Ronny Tertnes
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When  I try to export to gedcom I never get the email with the link to download the gedcom file.

I get all other emails from the site, sike smartmatches are coming all the time, but the export email doesn't work.

I send this problem via the contact sheet on the site but didn't get a reply. Please enable this feature for me?? 


Also I run a report to make a booklet for my name and that email never arrived too ...

AND for several days it has been telling me to tag my images for 7%, but I am done tagging my images and only get a congratulation you are done tagging screen... But in the top corner it is stuck on "working on my images" at 80%, and I have only like 100 images... shouldent take days, so obviously something is wrong with my account...

Still no reply on this or the support post so I am also trying to email this to support ...

 "Din GEDCOM-fil blir opprettet nå. Dette tar vanligvis noen få minutter. Når det er ferdig vil du motta en e-post med lenken til siden der du kan se det." 


Ronny Tertnes
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RE: Export Gedcom and more are not working
Aviv Ben-Arie
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Hi Ronny,

Thank you for writing to us.

I answered you via email, please take a look.



MyHeritage.com Support Team  

Aviv Ben-Arie
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