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Layout data sorting and source reference
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As a trained user, there are more things in the layout there seems illogical. You create a person, what data is relevant to look at, in the left menu, add data. Too many clicks, to many different pages, is a bad idea. All data for each person in the family tree, must to be displayed in the left menu. Profile menu, is in my opinion, only for current information on living persons and lifecycle descriptions of dead people. Add Data menu is the actual data, and this is where you look when you want to compare data and quickly see the source references, etc. I'm sure everyone in the world, regardless of religion, political or other conditions, genealogist of the essential data.On the online version you must dial “year mdr.dato” It appears as “md.dato.år”. It is illogical. I add data to a box labeled notes, when I type in this box it appears at the top, although it is at the bottom of the add data. It is illogical and disturbing reading. There where you inscribe data, it most appears in the layout. Alternatively, it might could have a fewer add data, but with the option for individual users to change the text on the online version. That way each user can use the title you want. I've made a list with the most common data titles in Danish and attach the file as an example of meIt is my hope that the layout will be simpler without the incomparable clicks and too many places you should check data. Best wishes from a happy genealogist. Elsebeth Vienberg
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RE: Layout data sorting and source reference
Leonardo B
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Hi Elsebeth,

We appreciate your suggestion and your inputs.

This information will be taken into consideration for future improvements.


Leonardo B
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