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Some well-meant questions
Nick Reid
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Hi Lora and Jaiel,

Apart from my other posts I also now have these few well-meant questions and remarks:

  1. Privacy issue I have a "mixed" site with guest access to Family Tree but no guest access to Photo Albums. A guest will now not see the slideshow on the homepage, and viewing the family tree the guest will only see first names and photos of deceased people, but if the guest clicks on a living person then all their associated photos are shown at the left and clicking on one of them will disclose their first name and moreover will show the names of all people in a group photo. Which completely defeats the intended privacy protection of the mixed site mode. Please just tell me you are aware of this issue and are working on it.
  2. A compliment Much to my satisfaction I saw that after logging off, pressing the back-button in the browser does not get you back to a "private" part of the site. Which is more than many an on-line bank takes care of. (Think twice before you access your on-line bank from an internet cafe or at an airport.)
  3. Possible privacy issue On the faily pages homepage when I access the "Who viewed this?" from the Visits box, there is one single "foreign" name who is not a member (prickles07). Now when I click on "Profile" to view his profile I get a mix of my own profile and his. That's to say instead of his "Essentials" and "Interests and Recommendations" I get my own. But the list of site memberships is his. Please let me know if you are, or are not aware of this issue and the latter case need assistance in reproducing it.
  4. Is the cause of the bad speed... indeed due to the Mossat listening in to all traphic to and from Israel as I read somewhere on the net? Or is it just too little bandwidth at your end, or server overload? I would like to be of assistance in any of these cases, I have connections here in the Netherlands for good high bandwidth server/application hosting deals, specialist web 2.0 SAAS technology and scalability troubleshooting, and possibly also investor relations. I am in part responsible for The Netherlands' largest, most successful and most state-of-the-art high volume SAAS company Reeleezee.com (on-line accounting / bookkeeping)
  5. Are you both being taken seriously enough? Success of a SAAS product depends mainly on four things: 

Having a "smasher" product and name for the current market and a brilliant creative team (you have that)

Being fast, and being quickly scalable to growing demand

Good testing and quality assurance of new product releases (have a restricted group of beta customers who do the final testing for you, don't you need an application version string in your URL?)

And finally and probably the most important: a good customer support department which offers good and speedy response to ALL customer enquiries. Any (temporary) shortcomings on the first three can be made good for by this.(Reeleezee offer free-phone which amply pays for itself by the word of mouth that it itself generates).

The difference between success and being overtaken by competition and subsequently dwindling into oblivion, is all about these four things, and the "word of mouth" that comes from that and builds your name.

Answers to these questions will determine whether I will consider upgrading to a paid account with MyHeritage.com. And obviously also whether I will recommend friends and the members of my growing family tree to do the same. I do wish you the best. Your team definately does not lack in creativity and visionary leadership.

Kind regards, Nicolas Reid

Nick Reid
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RE: Some well-meant questions
Esther Weinberg
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Hi Nicolas,


Thank you for writing to us.


I will address your issues one by one:


1. I have looked at your family site as a guest, and nowhere did I see pictures or first names of living people. This has been resolved.


2. MyHeritage.com is currently home to 235 million people (profiles) in 3.75 million family trees contributed by users of MyHeritage and published online, in the 23 languages supported by our site. We are growing at the pace of a million new people every 2 days, and this pace is itself growing. We respect the privacy of our users and have earned their trust.


3. We are aware of the bug you are describing. Thank you for bringing it to our attention. We are working on fixing it.

 4. Thank you for your offer, I will forward it to the appropriate department. Above all, thank you for your comments and suggestions.

Please let me know if you have any other ideas as we greatly value such input from our users.


Best Regards,

 Esther / MyHeritage team   


Esther Weinberg
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