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Tracking of updated profiles
Arcady Stoorbin
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Hi there,

The issue about tracking changes made by users in site/tree was already discussed earlier (E.g., some of topics are: http://www.myheritage.com/support-post-303491/history ; http://www.myheritage.com/support-post-300341/history-changes-made ).

Another suggestions follow below.

Currently – when the number of updated persons exceeds the predefined threshold (~about 5), the Family news entry becomes very un-useful for site Admin. Because the list of modified persons is replaced with their number, e.g.:

"[SomeOne] updated the details of N people in family tree: [Tree Name]"

So, there’s no way to find out, what persons exactly were updated, and to review changes made. But this is important point to know for site Admin, since we have no any History logging yet !

What may be done (and would not take too much efforts):

1) The threshold value for newsfeed update-entries should be confugurable by site Admin via "Settings” Menu.


The number [N] in the text of news entry should be expandable. E.g., by clicking on the "N", the list of persons shold be displayed (names may be represented as links to their profiles, as usual).

2) The “Last update” column should be added in Tree individuals list  (Family tree -> People): this info is already tracked, but currently it is presented in person’s profile only. So, it should be just displayed in the table. Next, sorting by the field “Last Update” should be added (along with existing Sortings by:  Last name | First name | Birth date | Birth place  etc.)

Also, it would be useful to have “Last updated by” field in the list (and in persons’ profiles, as well).

Thank you !

Arcady Stoorbin
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RE: Tracking of updated profiles
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Hi again,


you have some good ideas there.

I was just talking to our Development Team about this issue,

we will make some improvements there in the near future.

I will forward these suggestions as well.



Noam \ MyHeritage 

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