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Verwandt.de: Premium-Account - MyHeritage.com: Standard-Account?
Gunnar Teschke
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Dear Sirs,

as it is still not possible to send direct help requests to you I need to do it this way

How can it be that in Verwandt.de I have a premium-Account and due to the forced re-allocation it is turned into a Normal account?

Please fix this as it was promised that all Premium accounts from verwandt.de will be taken over for one year by MyHeritage.com within the following 48 hours from posting this mail (07-02-2010 15:15 Uhr German time)!!!


Best regards,

  Gunnar Teschke



  1. Our family tree was moved from Verwandt.de to this thing without my or any other member of my families permission
  2. Our family tree was moved from Verwandt.de to this thing without me or any other member of my family having been informed in advance with an adequate notice period.
  3. Neither I nor any member of our family tree agreed with the transfer of our personnel date from Verwandt.de to this thing.
  4. Several functions and/or services i paid for at Verwandt.de do not work here fully, some not even partially - I do not accept this.
  5. I'm not at all interested in any kind of explanation for inability of any developer, just solutions. 

Gunnar Teschke
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