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Some Problems
Tom Jose Kallarackal
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I'm having two problems that are sort of recent that I was hoping the staff could help me with:

1. The main one is that I haven't been getting Notification emails (birthdays, anniversaries) anymore. The last one I got in my email came Feb 1st. I haven't changed anything since then. I have a pretty big tree so I usually get a Notification email every day. I haven't gotten one for a few days now. I signed in today to make sure my settings haven't changed and they haven't (I have it set so I get Notifications for all family, not just close family). What is the problem and can you fix it?

2. The second issue is the main picture for my family site. When I used to have a different picture it would come up on the entry page for my family site (where you put in your password). I changed the picture a few months ago and since then it doesn't come up anymore. However, it does appear once you sign in (in the top right corner). Why does in not show up at the entry page? Currently at the entry page it is that default image of the three stick-figure type people.

If you guys could answer these questions that would really help!

Tom Jose Kallarackal
Germantown, MD
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RE: Some Problems
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Hi Tom,

Thank you for writing.


1. I took a look at your events, and saw that there aren't any events until the 12th of February. Please E-mail Support@MyHeritage.com if you won't get a  notification for this event.

 2. We have a bug with this feature. I hope it'll get solved soon, and I am sorry for the discomfort.

I hope this help.

 Best Regards,

Arbel / MyHeritage.com Team 

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