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Woman married brothers. Help!
Jessika Pettit
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A woman in my family tree married A, then later She married B. A and B are brothers. Right now I have both brothers listed as her spouse, but I cannot seem to connect A and B as brothers. I looked at how to attach people, but I cannot understand the directions. 

The site has this:

"A) On the main menu, under Person -


You can reach the Spouses, Children or Parents menus.

B) By clicking on the EDIT button on an individual’s genealogy card

C) By clicking on the EDIT button in the “Family” section.

The best way to use the Attach/Detach feature is to access it through the MANAGE function (e.g. Manage Spouses or Manage Children). You can always do an Attach/Detach without using this screen, but in the MANAGE screen you can see and adjust ALL details at once, which is very helpful." 

However, I cannot find the "Spouses, Children, or Parents menu" much less anything else involved.  Can someone else please help me out? 


Jessika Pettit
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RE: Woman married brothers. Help!
Анастасия Матвеева
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if i understand right...


do you have in you family tree parents of these brothers?

if you have, you should click one these brothers "edit" and look for something like "add parents" so you can choose couple of parents you need and add them.

if now parents? first add them and then add brothers.


is it clear?

i don't speak english very good =)

Анастасия Матвеева
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