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Bug: Citation confidence problem and GEDCOM export problem
Mark Morgan
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I have two problems with the Citation (QUAY tag) Confidence (CERTAINTY_ASSESSMENT / QUALITY_OF_DATA).  In FTB Windows if you select a Citation Certainty of "Unreliable evidence or estimated data" then this setting is lost and reverts to 'not specified'.

If you select a certainty of 'Questionable...', 'Secondary...' or 'Direct...' then all appears ok.

Until you look at the GEDCOM 5.5 export output.  The standard gives the following values for the CERTAINTY_ASSESSMENT - the value that follows the QUAY tag.

0 = Unreliable evidence or estimated data
1 = Questionable reliability of evidence (interviews, census, oral genealogies, or potential for bias for example, an autobiography)
2 = Secondary evidence, data officially recorded sometime after event
3 = Direct and primary evidence used, or by dominance of the evidence

But I'm getting values of 4 for 'Direct...', 3 for 'Secondary...' and 2 for 'Questionable...' being output in the GEDCOM file.  I have no examples of 'QUAY 0' or 'QUAY 1' because they are being lost as detailed above.


Mark Morgan
United Kingdom
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