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communication and sharing
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a lot of people are using gazoo and myspace and orkut or other such platforms for media sharing and communication these days. it would make sense for myheritage to have such a platform as well. however, what may be better is to integrate with meebo.com it is a web based chat interface that allows you to log into many different services (gmail, yahoo, facebook, myspace, icq, aim, etc....) with just one meebo username. it is a light, user-friendly GUI and I think it can do wonders for myheritage users as far as communication goes.


one hurdle I am facing, and others have mentioned, is that they feel that myheritage is "one more thing to check" when they check their myspace, orkut, facebook, etc.... it would be nice to integrate chat/email clients from other services onto this (like the invite from feature that pulls info from linked in etc.).


all in favour?

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