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Research your family history easily and instantly:

  • A huge global collection of 20.1 billion historical records
  • 3 billion birth, marriage, and death records from 60 countries
  • 5.8 billion family tree records from 47.9 million family trees
  • 2 billion pages of historical newspapers, dating back to 1803
  • Millions of gravestone inscriptions and photos from around the world
  • Complete U.S. and U.K. censuses, and exclusive Nordic and French censuses
  • Huge collections of diverse international records: military, immigration, books, and more
Alice Coltharp
Alice Coltharp
I love the MyHeritage website. The mobile app is fun, too. The whole platform makes it easy to research my family history in small chunks of time and I love all the tools for collaboration with other users who might be related to me.
D. Henry
D. Henry
North Lauderdale, FL, USA
I have been trying to piece together my family for over 35 years and Smart Matches made it go past my wildest dreams. I love history. Thanks to MyHeritage, it has made a wonderful and really exciting hobby to really dig deep into. It also brings the family close together.

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