Frantz 'Francis' Krick

Born:Oct 1702 In:  Rhein Pfaltz, Palantinate, Germany
Died:Apr 21 1784 (at age 81)In:  Sinking Spring, Berks Co, PA

Immediate family

Anna Catherine Krick (born Stoudt)
His wife
John Jacob Krick
His son
Jacob Krick
His son
Margareth Krick
His daughter
Frantz 'Francis' Krick
His son
George Krick
His son
Philip Krick
His son
Adam Krick
His son
Elizabeth Krick
His daughter
Anna Maria Krick
His daughter
Catherine Krick
His daughter
Eva Krick
His daughter
Magdalena Krick
His daughter
Johan Peter Krick
His son
Julia Krick
His daughter
John Krick
His son

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FRANTZ KRICK, one of the early settlers of Sinking Spring, PA. In the boro ugh of Sinking Spring the Krick homestead once stood This homestead was originally settled by FRANTZ KRICK in the 1730's. His landholdings eventually encompassed 750 acres. The KRICK family holdings generally encompassed the area between Shillington Road and Old Fritztown Road and Spohn Road which comprised the larger area of his holdings. The KRICK family ran the homestead with several farmsteads on the property including this large stone home located near the end of South Hull Street. It was constructed in 1832 by Francis and Hannah (Gehrling) Krick. This beautiful two and a half story home was later occupied by their son, Jacob Krick and by his son, Jacob B. Krick. In 1897 he moved to the three-story brick home at 640 Penn Avenue. In later years, the homestead became the home of Dr. Jesse Wagner. Jacob's sisters, Sarah and Hannah Krick, resided at 628 Penn Avenue while another relative, Francis Krick, resided at 620. Also located in various homes on this farmstead were included Adam, George, Daniel and Richard Krick.

FRANTZ KRICK is the immigrant ancestor of our family lineage,and much has been written about him and his descendants in various histories of Berks Co, PA, and other nearby counties. Frantz Krick was born in October, 1702, in Rhein Pfalz, (the Palitinate) W. Germany, and was married in Germany. He came to America with his wife and two sons on the ship PA Merchant, which landed at Philadelphia on September 11, 1731. They settled in Cumru Twp (now Spring Twp) in Berks Co, PA. Frantz Krick was a farmer, and had acquired large holdings of farmland, some of which was bought from the Penn's. Frantz Krick died on 21 April, 1784, and is buried in St. John's Cemetery in Sinking Spring, PA.

The name of Krick has been spelled several ways, and was spelled Kruck on early records, and on the ships passenger list. There are many entries in telephone books in Germany with the spelling 'Krick'. We have found records where it was spelled Kryck, Crick, and Creek, and there could be other spellings, i.e. Krieg, as in early records it was spelled however the person writing the information thought it should be spelled, or how it sounded to them.

Several Krick researchers, including us, have tried to find what town or district Frantz Krick came from, to no avail, so all we have is the Rhein Pfalz area. It was probably near Hershweiler, where his wife was born. We don't have names of his parents or siblings.

Frantz Krick married Anna Catharine Stouden, who was born at Hershweiler, Germany, in the Palitinate. She was the daughter of Johannes Abraham Stoudt and Anna Katharina Geiss. (the 'en' on Stouden just means she is a daughter of Stoud or Stoudt.) Catharine and her sister, Magdalena Stouden, are listed as passengers on the same ship, 'PA Merchant' when Frantz Krick emigrated. They were the first of their Stoudt family to come to America. Catherine Stouden Krick's parents were born in Germany. Johannes Abraham Stoudt born in 1672 at Herschweiler, Germany, married in 1701 and died in 1758 at Northampton Twp in Berks Co, PA. His wife, Anna Katherine Geiss, was born 28 February 1684, in Germany and died 28 April 1734, in Germany. He and his other children then came to America on the ship, Loyall Judith, which docked at Philadelphia on September 3, 1739, and the lived in Berks Co, PA, near Bethlehem, now in Lehigh Co, PA. Besides Catherine and her sister, Magdalena, who arrived in 1731, other Stoudt children were: Liza Margret and her husband, Johann Nickel Klee; Johannes George, Johannes Mathias, Margarete Katherina, and Maria Elizabeth, who was married to Jacob Miller. Records show Jacob and Maria Elizabeth Miller in Heidelberg Moravian Church, in Tulpehocken Twp, Berks Co, PA.

I Frantz Krick in Cumru Twp in Berks Co in PA being old & Weak in my Body, But yet thanks be to god of good understanding & Memory, But having considered the Mortality of Mankind, I therefore do hereby make my last Will & Testament & Dispose of my Worldly Estate in Manner following:

But in the first place, I Commend my Soul into the Hands of god & my Body to be Buried in a Christianlike manner into the Earth out of Which he was taken & that all my Just Debts shall be paid through my Executors, Which shall be named hereafter.

Item Because I having Received in the Month of February 1782 Different Bonds from my son Frantz Krick Jun for my Land Which I sold to him, Each one thereof being Fifty pounds to be paid in Good Money Yearly on the first Day of December in each Year -- So I give & Bequeath part of the said Bonds in manner following --

Namely, to my Son Peter Krick the Bond which is due December the first 1783 of Fifty Pounds & to such to Receive from my son Frantz Krick.

To my Son John Krick the Bond of fifty Pounds on the first December 1784.

To my Son Jacob Krick the Bond of fifty pounds in 1785.

To my Son Frantz Krick the Bond of fifty pounds in December 1786.

To my Son Peter Krick the Bonds of fifty pounds on the first December 1787.

Item. To my Daughter Margareth the Bond of fifty pounds on the first December 1788.--

To my Daughter Elisabeth the Bond of fifty pounds on the first December 1789.

To my Daughter Maria, the Bond of fifty pounds the first December 1790.

To my Daughter Catharine the Bond of fifty pounds on the first December 1791.

And to my Daughter Eve the Bond of fifty Pounds on the first December 1792. And One Bond of fifty Pounds payable in the year one thousand Eight hundred.

And yet a Bond of fifty pounds payable by Frantz Krick Junior on the first December in 1801. Such two Bonds I Bequeath to the two first Born Children of my Daughter Magdalena Helm and their Legacy of my Estate. Those two Last Mentioned Bonds each of fifty pounds Being the Last which I Received of my Son Frantz Krick. --

I give & bequeath to my Daughter Magdalena Helm the Sum of five Shillings Current Money of PA in full of her Whole Legacy of all my Estate. --

And All the Land so I Sold to my Sons John Krick, Adam Krick, and George Krick before the Day of the date hereof, Saying Such I acknowledge & Confirm to them their Hiers & Assigns for Ever, -- If in Case I Should not have given a Substantial Right therefore to the true Intent & Meaning hereof.

And Because my Sons as George, Adam & Philip Krick, each of them Received of me One hundred pounds before this, for Which Reason they not being Named Concerning the Bonds.

All the Remainder of my Estate not bequeathed heretofore Shall be Divided Among my Sons & Daughters, as Johannes, Jacob, Frantz, George, Adam, Philip & Peter Krick & Margareth, Elizabeth, Maria, Catharine & Eve, in Equal Shares to the true Intent & Meaning hereof.

Lastly, I ordain, appoint & Nominate for Executors my Sons Frantz Krick & George Krick & my Son in Law Jacob Ruth of this my Last Will & Testament. Yet upon this Condition, that if my Executors or any one of them, be Indebted to the Estate after my Death, that he or they Shall Reckon the Same among the moveable Effects that everything Shall & may be Brought to Rights to true Intent & Meaning hereof. In Witness Whereof I have hereto Set my Hand & Seal the 26th Day of April 1782. Frantz Krick (Seal) Signed, Sealed by Frantz Krick as his Last Will & Testmanet Declared in the presence for & upon his Request Signed as Witnesses hereto: -Christian Ruth -Abraham Trostel A true Translation of the German Original PA-1767-Twp Tax & Census Lists CUMRU TOWNSHIP A=ACRES B=HORSES C=CATTLE D=SHEEP E=TAX George Krick 60 2 2 0 3 Francis Kreek, Sr. 150 4 4 6 16 Francis Kreek, Jr., shoemkr 0 0 1 0 1 John Krick 80 2 2 2 4 Jacob Kreek, blacksmith 0 0 1 0 3 In 1913 the remains of Francis and his wife were moved to the St. John's Church Cemetery , N. Hull St., Sinking Spring PA. A monument was erected in their memory. This large 4-ton monument is fashioned like the trunk of a tree with its branches out and in each stump is carved the names of his children. On the trunk is carved... "In grateful memory of Francis and Catharine Kirkc, who came to America September 11, 1731, erected by their descendants, 1915."

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