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Celmers & Coulters
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My name is Danette Glenn. I am the great grand daughter of Eldine Laverne Coulter (born 26 May 1916 to Lee Leonard Coulter and Anna L Stark in Ravenna Nebraska) and Harry Celmer (born 12 Aug 1908 to Joseph and "Segy" Celmer in Nebraska). Harry and Eldine moved to Pierce County Washington in 1937, where they had 4 handsome boys and 3 beautiful daughters. Harry and Eldine both died in Puyallup Washington (Harry in 1983 and Eldine in 2003). Eldine had two sisters, one who died the day of her birth. Harry had three sisters and five brothers; a few of which moved to Washington as well.

 If you are part of our family tree, arent sure but want to find out, or are just simply interested...I have a wonderful working history and knowledge of our family in the States of Washington and Nebraska. Please dont hesitate to ask questions, make inquiries, and share what information you might have as well.

 I do have a comprehensive tree on ancestry.com that has many more family members, stories, and pictures than my tree here on myheritage.com. I also am starting to make contact with multiple family members who are slowly but surely contributing morre and more info and family photos. I am getting help from members of the Ravenna Historical Society as well.

 I am willing to do info look up. I am also willing to obtain and send obituaries that were published for family members who died in Washington State. If you are interested in Cemetery info and photos of grave sites in the local Sea-Tac Metro area, let me know and I will see what I can do and come up with.

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