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FTB Sync Problem
Candi Vis
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Made changes today to my tree on FTB. Clicked sync button, and it still says I need to sync. I have tried three more times, and it still says I need to sync. When I go to Sync Settings, it says my last sync was November 25. The sync log says sync succeeded no update. As I updated several people, I don't want to close the program. HELP!!!
Candi Vis
Green Lake, WI
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RE: FTB Sync Problem
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Hi Candi,

Is the system date/time correct on Your PC ?

By the way, I You made changes in the FTB project and then close the program, You don't loose this data. The data will be stored in Your local FTB project.

By the way, a backup of Your data would be a good practice, You know.

Becuase I cannot see anything- as a guest, of course - on Your familysite, especially the size of Your familytree, I have this question: How many persons do You have in Your tree ?

I'm asking this, because there are limitation with repeated sync.

Best regards



Ittigen, BE
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