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Exporting photos alongside the *.GEDCOM file
Alexandru Simion
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Hello everyone! I was wondering if there is any way through which I can export my Family Tree and personal photos attached and tagged to every member merged in the*.gedcom format and not sepparated. Right now, there's no way for having one single file or file format which can sustain both the photos and the genealogy (GEDCOM) data. If it isn't possible now, are you planning to implement this feature in the next Family Tree Software updates? It would be of much use, right now I need to allocate the photos manually after export and the links don't retain. Thanks in advance!
Alexandru Simion
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RE: Exporting photos alongside the *.GEDCOM file
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Hi Alexandru,

The exchange data format in the genealogy universe is the GEDCOM standard (5 or 5.5). Every provider of soaftware and/or web portals have to support this standard to import/export family tree data.

As You, maybe, have seen, the photo part in a GEDCOM file are URL pathes (if it is exported from a portal) or file pathes (if exported from a PC program. The photos will be stored in a subfolder when You import this GEDCOM file into a PC program of Your choice.

If You want a 'all-in-on' data file, You should import the GEDCOM file (with photo links) into a PC program of Your choice.But this will not be a 100% 'all-in-one' file .. in most of the cases.

Depending on the software's data model (usable) the tree data will be stored into a database (i.e. MySQL, SQLite, etc.). In most of the cases media data (photos, docs, etc.) will be stored in a separate folder and the database reference to them with path infos.

But .. let's go back to Your question. I'm sure, MyHeritage will not implement a data format like You hinted. What do want to do with this kind of data file ?

Of course, You can send Your ideas to the support at support@myheritage.com

Best regards


Ittigen, BE
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